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  3. Newbie here! I am interested in health issues. ---------------
  4. Add window covers   on your house for added sun protection.

  5. Newbie also.
  6. Hi. Newbie here.
  7. Bought here some window coverings for my patient room. 


  8. Hey, I'm trying to find some answers to my why I'm experiencing lower back and groin/testicle pain. Hope this is the right toe of forum. Symptoms are constant lower back pain, with sometimes a constant ache in my testicle area, on the right side. Sometimes it's a shooting pain and sometimes it's not there at all. I've had hernias repaired 2 years ago, recently saw that surgeon and that's all good. Five trips to my GP, three to A&E, two CT scans, an ultrasound and countless blood and urine tests ate yet to find answers. Off to urologist next, any possible diagnosis?
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